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First album, available on CD and The Internet
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The Squids are from Oregon
and are cephalopods of phylum mollusca.
Like all other cephalopods,
The Squids have distinct heads, bilateral symmetry, and a mantle.
The Squids have two tentacles and eight arms, which are arranged in pairs.
They are very very strong swimmers.


Dr. Soll and The Squids is an Alternative/Indie Rock solo project by musician
and songwriter, Steven Soll. The project began in New York City in 2008 and is
now based out of Oregon City, OR. Songwriting began in Fall 2006, with the
first live shows in early 2008. Concerts were first in New York's west and
east Greenwich Village and Lower East Side, then later in Oregon. Studio
recordings have 4-5 piece ensemble arrangements, but live concerts are solo
performances, with the exception of a small number of past ensemble
performances with session musicians. Dr. Soll and The Squids concerts in
NY included The Knitting Factory, The Living Room, and the Really Really Free
Market. In Oregon the most noteworthy concerts have included The Estacada
Summer Celebration music crawl, free shows at the Estacada Public Library
(Estacada is Steven's hometown), several shows at McMenamin's historic
White Eagle in North Portland, and the Immigrants' March at the Oregon
Capital on Presidents Day 2017. Steven is also a science teacher with a
doctorate in Biology. The album, "Dr. Soll & The Squids," was independently
released in 2016 and is available on CD, download, or free streams above.
Gigging will resume after the end of the COVID-19 crisis. In the meantime,
the second album, "Audience" is being released as monthly digital Singles,
beginning in June 2020. The first single is available here and on Spotify,
Amazon Music, Google Play, Apple Music, Bandcamp...
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All music was written and performed by Steven Soll
Mastered by Amy Dragon at Telegraph Mastering (Portland, OR)
Special thanks to Paul Trubachik for production consulting and Martin Soll for technical assistance
"Audience," © 2020 Steven Joseph Soll, all rights reserved.
Cover Art by Oren Soll
"Dr. Soll & The Squids," © 2016 Steven Joseph Soll, all rights reserved
Cover Art by Michael Fiske
Session musicians in past live shows:
Tyson Stubelek (pictured above),
Paul Trubachik (pictured above),
Matt Mena (pictured above),
Mikey Scofield,
Andy Widmann,
and the late Sean Burns